Uzbekistan Trailer Acceptance Successfully

By James Ma | 16th May,2019 | News

Uzbekistan Trailer Acceptance Successfully
In 16th May 2019, Uzbekistan customer visit our factory for Bulk Cement Semi Trailer.
Bulk Cement semi trailer is one type of Powder Material Transport semi trailer. The customer and our technician discussed the tank volume, material density and other technical problems.

After visiting, Uzbekistan customer are very satisfied with our products and factory, and place orders to us.

client visit

After we finished our production, UZ customer come to our factory check the products, they are very satisfied with this products.

factory visit

Powder material transport truck, it is suitable for fly ash, cement, lime powder, ore powder, particle size, such as particles of not more than 0.1mm powder bulk materials dry bulk transport. Powder material transport vehicles is a kind of special-purpose vehicles that are widely used in industry, agriculture, commerce, power plants and construction industries.


Powder from the factory, transportation, storage are not used paper bag packaging, powder tanker directly through the shipment. Thus has the following advantages:

1, Reduce labor consumption, improve labor productivity, improve working conditions;

2, saving raw materials and paper bag packaging, crushing costs, reduce transportation costs;

3, reduce the loss of cement, the loss rate is generally below 0.5%, while the bagged loss rate 2.5% ~ 5%;

4, to ensure the quality of cement. Bulk cement in the transport is not easy to damp, a year of storage rarely deterioration;

5, reduce environmental pollutio

customer visit

Photos of customers and vehicles.