CHTC 6x4 Concrete Mixer Truck

6x4 Concrete Mixer Truck

Max Power:265kw

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Concrete mixer truck is specially used to transport buildings concrete. During the transportation process, the mixing drum will always be kept rotating to ensure that all the carrying concrete will not be solidified. In order to prevent the residual concrete from hardening and the space and volume of the stirring cylinder from occupying, the inside of the stirring cylinder is usually rinsed with water after transportation.

In 2006, we adopted the dry mixing technology of Australian, and created the dry mixing brand of “VOLKEN” (registered trademark).The blade system with unique design constitutes the core technology of HongDa VOLKEN. All its blades compressed into three-dimensional type with streamline cross section and strict welding process, ensuring the precise helical angle and screw pitch, accomplishing the unique function of three-dimensional mixing. This function fully satisfies the high demands of dry mixing technology and also the wet mixing technology with excellent performance. It realizes the wet and dry mixing technology of zero slump and 75mm aggregates with high uniformity and strong work-ability, which has reached the standard of Australian AS1379 “Technical Specification for Concrete and its Facilities”. It ensures the low angle of tank(13.5°), high filling rate65%), low residual rate (almost zero), high mixing stirring rate(30second/m³) .  mixer-truck1_01


1Mixing drum and blades are made by superior wear-resistant steel plate

2Painting Process: Shot peening disposal process for rust protection.

3Large rotary tooling is used in tank connecting and blade welding with high precision.

4Imported components are used in hydraulic systems with compact structure and outstanding performance.

5Compact and reasonable structure makes beautiful exterior.

6Operating system is flexible and convenient with high efficiency.

7Special mold stamping technique is adopted on the mixing drum and blades.

Engine Model  Foton Cummins ISGe5-360 
Fuel Type Diesel
Cylinders 6
Max Power 265kw
Max Horsepower 360hp
Displacement 11.8L
Emission Standard 5
Fuel Injection System Common Rail 
Gearbox FAST 9JSD180 
Gear Number 9
Chassis Argument
Chassis Model BJ5259GJB-AA
Chassis Type FOTON GTL 9
Cab GTL2017 medium long body flat/standard floor
Frame Height 320*8+7mm
Rear Axle Description 13T Cast Steel
Rear Axle Speed Ratio 4.8
Spring Films 10/12,11/14,9/12,3/5,3/-,3/4,2/4
Tire Number 10
Tyre Size 11.00-2011.00R2012.00-2012.00R20 
Tread  Front Tread: 2010mm;Rear Tread: 1865/1865mm
Clutch Φ 430
Steering Machine Domestic
Basic Parameter
Driving Mode 6*4
Vehicle Dimensions 9.73 x 2.495 x 3.98 m
Front Suspension/Rear Suspension 1.45/2.83 m
Wheelbase  4100 + 1350 mm
Rated Load 9.87T
Total Weight 15T
Max. Speed 85km/h
With Parameters
Vehicle Announcement JYC5250GJBSX4
Vehicle Type Concrete Mixer Truck
Brand CHTC Hongda
Vehicle Origin Henen
Slump 80-220mm
Mixing Drum Speed ≥ 3r/min
Feeding Speed ≥3m³/min
Discharging Speed ≥2m³/min
Residual Rate ≤0.4%
Filling Rate 65%
Water Supply  Pressure Water Supply


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