CHTC 10CBM Garbage Compactor Truck

Chassis configuration: Dongfeng 10-party compressed garbage truck, adopting the special chassis of Dongfeng special-purpose series sanitation vehicle, equipped with Dongfeng D913 new cab, stylish atmosphere, comfortable seat. Guangxi Yuchai 160 horsepower high-performance diesel engine, authentic country V emission standard, fuel efficient, with 6-speed manual gearbox, high transmission efficiency. The original direction of power assist, clutch assist, ABS anti-lock braking system, air brake, reasonable allocation and practicality.

Special configuration: Dongfeng 10-party compressed garbage truck, consisting of a hydraulic mechanism consisting of a car body, a loading mechanism, a compression mechanism, a discharge mechanism, an oil pump, a cylinder, and a control valve. The car body material is high-quality carbon steel, thickness (unit: mm): side 4 bottom 4, car body volume: 10m3, the loading mechanism is composed of bracket, connecting rod mechanism, cam, hook and so on. Under the action of the oil cylinder, the garbage in the trash can is automatically turned over and poured into the hopper.


1.Semi-sealed bucket type

Semi-sealed bucket type

2.Hang bucket type

Hang bucket type

3.Swing arm type

Swing arm type

4.Fully-sealed bucket type

Fully-sealed bucket type

The compression mechanism consists of a pressure plate welded by a steel plate and a channel steel, a guide wheel and a cylinder block, and the garbage in the hopper is compressed into the vehicle body under the push of the oil cylinder. Compression cycle time: 25-30s, compression density: 0.6-0.8t/m3. The unloading mechanism is composed of a discharge cylinder and a discharge push plate. The discharge push plate is formed by welding the steel plate and the bracket, and is positioned by the guide groove. The cylinder is pushed out to push the discharge push plate to discharge the garbage, and the garbage time is pushed and unloaded: 40s.


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