Lightweight Design, Bigger Load Capacity

Bring in Italian technology full-injection foaming, choose lightweight aluminium alloy plate, energy saving, environment protection, low carbon, low consumption,low cost.

Excellent Leakproofness, heat Insulation

Anti-Cool leakage,anti-water leakage,anti-rain leakage. Standardized assembly according to drawing, no heat bridge design, strong sealant.

Food Grade Raw Material

We choose food grade fiber reinforced plastic(FRP, GRP).

Reliable Accessories

304 stainless steel accessories include nut, belt, lock, hinge, hook, etc.

Weldless Design

Aluminium rails and attached frame are intact for better steadiness.

Advantages of New Energy Electric truck

1. Pure electric drive design,energy saving, environmental protection, zero pollution. 
2. Small size,convenient and smart, end to end transportation.
3. Longer endurance mileage. 
4. PM synchronous for a reliable operation.
5. Advanced ternary battery with high specific energy.
Wheelbase: 3570mm 3570mm 3570mm 3570mm 3570mm
Truck Length: 5.995m 5.995m 5.995m 5.995m 5.995m
Truck Width: 2.098m 2.098m 2.098m 2.098m 2.098m
Truck Height: 2.645m 2.645m 2.645m 2.645m 2.645m
Total Weight: 4.495Ton 4.495Ton 4.495Ton 4.495Ton 4.495Ton
Rate Weight: 1.075Ton 1.18Ton 0.55Ton 1.1Ton
Curb Weight: 3.225Ton 3.225Ton 3.12Ton 3.75Ton 3.2Ton
Maximum Speed: 100km/h 100km/h 100km/h 100km/h 100km/h
Facroty Standard Battery Life: 315km 350km 280km 430km 430km
Motor Model: JEETZ260XS7545JH04 JEETZ260XS7545JH04 JEETZ260XS7545JH04 JEETZ260XS7545JH04
Motor Type: Permanent magnet synchronous motor Permanent magnet synchronous motor Permanent magnet synchronous motor
Maximum Horsepower: 82马力 82马力 163马力 163马力
Motor rated power: 60kW 60kW 60kW 60kW 60kW
Peak Power: 120kW 120kW 120kW 120kW 120kW
battery model: IFP20100140-27Ah IFP20100140-27Ah
Type of battery: Lithium iron phosphate battery Lithium iron phosphate battery Lithium iron phosphate battery Lithium iron phosphate battery Lithium iron phosphate battery
Battery capacity: 83kWh 82.944kWh 92.16kWh 96.51kWh 96.51kWh
Energy Density: 115.38Wh/kg 118.32Wh/kg 118.32Wh/kg
Battery rated voltage: 512V 384V
Total battery voltage: 384V
Charging time: AC 12h; DC 2h (80%) h AC: 12h, DC: 2h

Cabin parameter

Maximum depth of the carriage: 3.55m 3.55m 3.55m
Maximum width of the carriage: 1.82m 1.82m 1.82m
Carriage height: 1.89m 1.89m 1.89m


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    Q Can I visit your CHTC factory?

    2019-10-10 14:54
    A Yes, welcome to visit us in China. Furthermore, we can arrange free Airport/Train station Pickup services and set up company a meeting for you to communicate directly with our CHTC technologists.

    Q Do you accept special vehicle customization?

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